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PMI Tasmania Chapter - Coming Soon

Well, what an amazing 9 months it has been! Back in July 2022, a small but motivated bunch of individuals met at Hadleys Hotel in Hobart with members of PMI global to discuss the possibility of starting a chapter of PMI (Project Management Institute) in Tasmania. At this meeting, we learned that (among other things) we would need to produce a business plan, have it approved by PMI Global, reach a minimum of 25 members, agree on our chapter logo, and organise to be legally incorporated in the state of Tasmania in order to become a fully-fledged chapter of PMI.

So, like all good project managers, we put together our plan, allocated duties and got started. This has kept us all super busy and in December our business plan was approved by PMI global. (If you'd like a copy, just email - we'd love to share it with you). February has been an exciting month because we:

  • achieved our 25 member minimum (actually, it's currently 28!),

  • approved our chapter logo (how could we not choose the Tasmanian Tiger!?), and

  • completed an initial draft of our Articles of Association.

Next steps are to have PMI global review and approve the draft of our Articles of Association and then submit them to CBOS so that we can be incorporated and established as a not-for-profit organisation in this state. We will then set up our bank accounts and all of the other administrative matters that any good organisation needs to operate successfully.

In the meantime, we have setup our website and social media accounts and have started our marketing campaign to let you all know that...

PMI Tasmania Chapter is Coming Soon!!!!!

We have also been madly making arrangements for our Gala Launch Event and Mini Conference which will be held on the 4th and 5th April, respectively.

If you want more information about Project Management Institute or the soon-to-be chapter in Tasmania, feel free to email us at or contact us via our socials

If you are interested in joining PMI Tasmania, check out our membership page


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