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The PMI Tasmania Chapter Board are proud to call for nominees to fill the following roles. In accordance with the Bylaws and Articles of Association, an election will be held ahead of the Annual General meeting to be held on Tuesday 14 May 2024.  PMI Tasmania Chapter seeks members with an interest in managing the future of the Chapter to join its Board of Directors. We are seeking Candidates for two Executive Positions and three open Director positions on our 2024 Board of Directors. 

 Executive Positions:
  • Director, Volunteering - 2-year term - 2024 to 2026
  • Secretary - 2-year term - 2024 to 2026
3 x Portfolio Director (Non-Executive/Ordinary) Positions - 1 or 2 year terms
  • There are a range of portfolios which currently include Education, Events, Marketing and Membership. Portfolios will be determined at the first board meeting following the AGM.

Criteria for Nomination
All interested candidates must meet the following criteria:
  1. 18 years of age or older.
  2. Entitled to vote at a general meeting.
  3. Tasmania Chapter member in good standing (dues paid) at the time of their nomination.
  4. Has a willingness to support others.
  5. Has an appreciation of the value of the profession served by PMI.

How to submit a nomination?
Click on the link below to download the application form, fill it in and send it to the Nominating Committee at

Election timeline
Acceptance of nominations will commence from 1:00 pm Friday 5th April, 2024 and will close at 5:00 pm (Tasmania time) on Friday 19th April, 2024.
The Nominating Committee will review all nominations between Saturday 20th April 2024 and Friday 26th April 2024.
Candidates may be interviewed for suitability and a final recommendation prepared. If interviews are required these will likely take place outside of business hours.
The membership will then be advised of the recommended candidates.  If there are more candidates than positions available, elections will be held using electronic voting.  
Successful candidates will be announced at the AGM.
Final assignment of portfolios will be agreed by the incoming board.

Members are reminded that in accordance with approved PMI Tasmania Chapter Bylaws & Articles of Association in Article 11 section 5 clause 13:
In accordance with PMI® policies, practices, procedures, rules and directives, no funds or resources of PMI® or PMI Tasmania may be used to support the election of any candidate or group of candidates.  No other type of organised electioneering, communications, fundraising or other organised activity on behalf of a candidate shall be permitted, with the exception of candidate statements and profiles compiled and presented in a consistent format by the Public Officer

Further information
Additional information outlining the roles and responsibilities of each position are provided below.  Prospective candidates are encouraged to speak with a current member of the Board’s executive to understand the values, roles and responsibilities of board members with PMI Tasmanian Chapter.  Your conversation will remain confidential.
Please contact either:

Nominations for Executive and Ordinary Board Positions are now open

2024 Board Nominations & Elections

About the Available Board Positions

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